Charity Pool Event at Rileys Harlow Report

Charity Pool Event at Rileys Harlow Report

On Saturday 30th June up at Rileys snooker club in Harlow, i arranged a charity pool event in aid of PolyPeople. I turned up at 10am knowing full well it would be a nightmare to get any of these lovely pool buddies up there that early but i expected to start between 11:30am and 12pm. I found 2 people already which was a good start, then Pat Cleary(the one in the pics that looks like ming from the film Flash Gordon) started texting anyone and everyone on his phone contacts, to remind and tell them about today(top bloke).

By the time it came to 12pm we had 11 players including myself, so we started with the singles knockout, the draw was made and the first round got started. Best of 3 for the first round and the quarter final, best of 5 for the semi final and best of 7 for the final. In the final was Alex Burnside v Dave Rees, with Alex winning 4-2.

While the singles and doubles were going on through the day, we had a speed pool competion going on, where the idea was to put all the balls in the fastest time without potting the white(believe me it’s not as easy as it looks). I had the fastest time of 1 minute 22 seconds for a long time until Lee Bowie raced around the table to finish it 1 minute 10 seconds, all i can say is he is a lot younger than me and i have a bit of a belly LOL.

Then we had the doubles knockout, the draw was made, we had the quarter final best of 3, semi final best 5, final was best 7. In the final was Pat Cleary/Dave Rees v Alan Lochrie/Ian Harvey, with Pat/Dave winning 4-1.

Just over £132 was raised on the day. With Rileys giving out £50 prize money, with most of the winners on the day donating it back in to the fundraising pot.

initially it was a one off pool tournament, but i have been told to make it a yearly event and more people will turn up next year. It was a fun/interesting day with a lot of banter amongst everyone, with 2 of the players having a bit too much to drink, and one of which only went to the town to get some shopping at ASDA and left 7 hours later very merry.

I’d like to thank everyone who turned up and made it a very enjoyable day, i bought 2 of children(see pics) up to put the players off(cheating). That didn’t work either, so back to the drawing board and roll on next year.

Thanks Jason

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