Parachute jump – 10th August 2010

On Tuesday 10th August 2010, I and two friends completed a tandem parachute jump from 11,000 feet. We left Harlow at 6:30am in the rain to drive to Chatteris Airfield, near Cambridge; we arrived at about 8:15. The rain seemed to of stopped when we arrive and the sun was out, so we were crossing our fingers hoping the weather would hold off.

We checked in and paid our monies due and were told we would have 10 minutes training as soon as everyone was booked in. We were told to get in our overalls and to put our safety harnesses on and our individual instructors would tighten them. Then we had our training session, then we waited for our group to be called, we were the second group to go up.


We were called, and we got on the plane and when we got to 11,000 feet, we exited the plane and it was so noisy where we were dropping at around 120mph, I had trouble catching my breath at first, it was a weird feeling, then when the instructor opened the chute it was so peaceful and relaxing, it was unbelievable. It then seemed like a life time before we landed, the view on the way down was amazing, and you just didn’t want it to end.

There was a sigh of relieve, when I landed but at the same time proud I had achieved it and your adrenalin was still taking over and I just wanted to do it again. When I got home my 12 year old daughter said when she is 16, she wants us both to do the jump for PolyPeople, and so roll on 4 years time, can wait Im counting the days.

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