Welsh Three Peaks Charity Sponsored Walk

Welsh Three Peaks Charity Sponsored Walk

It was a cold January evening spent having a few glasses of wine amongst our good friends when it was suggested that we embark on a bit of a fitness campaign following such an overindulgent Christmas.  It was the usual annual ‘New Years Resolution’ which barely lasts for more than a few weeks before fizzling out.  This time however it was going to be different.  A charity event was going to be our motivation, to raise money for a good cause.  All our friends had been close to us when we had the news of Alex being diagnosed with FAP and his subsequent proctocolectomy.  This, as many will know, was a terribly worrying time.  They therefore suggested we do something for him and we immediately suggested Polypeople.  I had initially contacted the Polyposis Registry in St Marks Hospital who put me in touch with members from Polypeople and they were a great source of comfort and help to us.

Being Welsh, we decided upon a patriotic theme and the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge was suggested.  This consists of walking up and down Snowdon – 1,085 m (North Wales ), Cadair Idris – 893 m (Mid Wales) and Pen-y-Fan – 886 m (South Wales), in one day.  Over the coming months we began our training, lucky enough to live in such a mountainous country where there were many places to practice!  We soon started to realise the enormity of the challenge when we practised by completing Pen-y-fan.  The thought that we would have to climb this having already climbed Snowden and Cadair Idris was quite overwhelming!  You could tell by peoples faces and their generosity whilst gaining our sponsors that this was a very tough challenge.


The event took place on Saturday 1st June 2013 and we started at 4.00am in North Wales.  It was a long and arduous day, but our motivation kept us going and we completed our challenge at 8.30pm that day.  Exhausted but totally enthralled by what we had achieved, we celebrated at the bottom of Pen-y-fan with a well deserved glass of bubbly.

Thanks again to our dear friends who suggested and took part in this event and raised almost £3,000.  Thank you to all the sponsors and your generosity and thanks to Polypeople for the support you have given us and continue to give us and many others.

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