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  • first realised something wasn’t right in 2000. I had bleeding from my bowels and discomfort of the stomach.  
  • I spent the next two years going to my local doctors and the local hospital having tests.   
  • Unfortunately the local doctors did not know enough about FAP and such conditions so the diagnosis took longer.  
  • In 2003 I had my first appointment at St Mark’s hospital under Prof. Nicholas’ team (who has since retired).  
  • In September 2003 I was told I had FAP and that I would need an operation. At the time I was studying at university, so I booked my operation in for the following January (2004), giving me time to get ahead of my study’s to allow me to take time out. The operation was a success. 
  • I have since led a normal life. I have six monthly check ups and since the age of 25 I have started having my upper stomach checked – so far yearly.  
  • I was pleased when PolyPeople began because I think people who have FAP, MYH and so on could use the support of such a group – I know I could have benefited from it when I was diagnosed.   
  • I started out as Webmaster for PolyPeople, but now I have a young family, I would say I am more a general committee member who is still happy to help with the website or other as and when needed and when I am able. 

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