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  • Sex Femaleale
  • Company Polypeople
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  • I was diagnosed with FAP in 1980 after receiving a letter from a consultant from a distant hospital where a sibling had been diagnosed.  
  • I knew nothing of FAP, had never heard of it until then.   
  • My consultant did tell me that the polyps would only affect the colon and wouldn’t be produced anywhere else in the system! 
  • We have moved on a long way since then, with great thanks to all of those dedicated research and scientific officers, far and near, especially those at St Mark’s.  
  • Because of their persistent work we are so much better informed now. 
  • From 1980 to 1983 I had regular colonoscopies 
  • In January 1983 I the Ileo rectal anastamosis operation. My consultants have been tremendously supportive here in Taunton, in the lovely county of Somerset. Of course, procedures have advanced and many operations are now modified and less invasive. 
  • My daughter and granddaughter are both being treated for FAP at St Mark’s Hospital.  

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